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passion8 11-15-2012 07:46 AM

Vancouver Island Poly
Hi there. I am new here and wanted to introduce myself. I am a single guy hoping to meet others from Vancouver island to see if I might fit in to the poly community. I am looking to meet friends first. I think it best that I dont set up my boundries so much yet as I need to meet people and see how some of their experiences worked or how things might not have worked. I just dont know enough yet, so I am hoping to come out to an event soon and meet people face to face. I look forward to atleast making some new friends .

kdt26417 11-15-2012 09:33 PM

Hello passion8,
Welcome to our forum.

You might want to check out our Dating & Friendships subforum; also you could google "Vancouver polyamory" and see if a poly group turns up in your area. As for this site in general, there are a lot of helpful threads that discuss the various ins and outs of polyamory, and you can always post if you have a question.

Hope you enjoy your stay.
Kevin T.

pinkhop 11-16-2012 06:49 AM

Derbyliscious is a user here who is from Victoria and might have some info on the community there.

The Vancouver groups are pretty active and link to http://www.vanisle-polyamory.com

If you're not in Victoria or nearby hopefully they have some other resources further up island.

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