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nicole24 11-14-2012 12:36 AM

help!! advice anything would be helpful, even someone to talk to
Hello everyone my name is nicole I am new here, age 24, and I was or still am in a poly relationship with a married couple she is 40 and he is 43. when this started it was by pure accident I guess and then I fell in love they took me in to live with them till I got my life on track and I fell in love.It all started with him ( I dont want to use their real names so we will call them James and Angel) we had a relationship were it was me and him for a long time and angel was working and he was staying at home till he found a job she was jealous of us we had a very active sexual relationship so I backed off because she was jealous and hurt. After a while I became really close to her and fell head over heels. more into the relationship he was meaner than i am used to and she was nurturing and i am a very sensitive person. so now he decided to brake it off but she wants to stay with the both of us and have a separate relationship with him and me and I am so jealous. there is more to the story I am willing to share but for now I want to cope with this because I don't want to lose her and she has three kids that I have seen grow and they are like mine as well

WhatHappened 11-14-2012 02:21 AM

He's meaner than you're used to? What does that mean? What does he do that's 'mean?'

You've seen the kids grow? How long have you lived there?

nicole24 11-14-2012 02:55 AM

He was all sweet at first and we had a lot of communication. Then he started to treat me more as a child than his girlfriend. And we argued constantly I pleased him and compromised a lot for him and he never saw what I did for him and the kids have been in my life for four years and one of them I raised her since she was 2 days old the kids are all adopted the younges it three going on 4 her sister is 5 and the oldes the brother is 8. They are the love I've my life. I just can't up and leave like many people have done in their lives likewhen they were foster kids. This split happened not long ago so its kind of on the air. Thank you for responding to my post

WhatHappened 11-14-2012 03:14 AM

So you've been with this couple since you were 20? 19?

Did Angel know about it before you became James's girlfriend or did it start out as an affair?

How long were you seeing James, as a boyfriend, before he decided to break it off?

And now Angel is your girlfriend? Meaning you're having sexual activity with her? How long has that been the case?

nicole24 11-14-2012 03:23 AM

It all started simultaniously I was just more attached to james for a good year then in the process me and angel got to know each other better and we have something that her husband could not offer. we all have been as a triad for 3 years and he called it off 3 days ago. No one had affairs. And now we were going through a difficult time because angel had a hysterectomy so sex has been out of the quiestion and I am fine on waiting but james is not and since I have been there taking care of her I really haven't wanted any sexual activity as well she never got to have kids because she had endometrial cancer. I am sorry if I am all over the place we have been through so much together so ky head is bouncing with a lot

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