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Sugarbooger 11-11-2012 12:14 AM

About me? How about you?
Poly female bisexual living in SC Indiana. About me:

I love to nerd out about comedy, podcasts, Walking Dead, Dexter, Breaking Bad and True Blood. Old school country music makes my blood flow strong, but I'm down for all kinds of music. I'm a vegan foodie who can cook up a storm. I'm married with kids. I'm a creative whirling dervish of awesomeness who loves to hike, dance, and of course--make sweet love.

About you: you are male or female from 30-48, you aren't a psycho, don't have a drinking or drug problem, not allergic to cats, and you don't hate children. You think long rainy nights involving playing scrabble are a hoot. You find poop and fart jokes to be timelessly funny. You're not afraid of scary movies or my stretch marks.

What I want: first and foremost friendship, let us see what evolves.

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