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RaineLeigh 11-02-2012 05:50 PM

38yo divorced MtF trans in Milwaukee, WI. Looking for friends and maybe more.
Hi all, I'm super new to the forum and to poly in general but I'm ready to learn. I'm trans and it's early in my transition so I still generally present as male but it won't be that way for long. I'm on hormones and the plan is to do the full deal over the next few years. I was divorced about a year ago and I'm kinda at a stage in my life where I'm looking for new (and open-minded) friends and maybe more (finding someone to snuggle with would be super nice too). At heart I'm a nerdy girl who is big time into video games and electronic/industrial music as well as roleplaying (although it's been a few years). I'm overweight but working on it so don't be expecting some waif, that's not me. I consider myself pansexual although almost all of my experience is with women, I am definitely willing and open to expanding my horizons and I'm excited about new experiences. If you are still reading and want to say "hi" please do, I would love to meet you!


JaneQSmythe 11-03-2012 12:33 AM

Hello and Welcome to the Forums!

Thanks for sharing something about yourself - sounds like you are in the midst of lots of life-changes (transitioning, dating-after-divorce, expanding your horizons, etc.)

How did you come to learn about polyamory? Do you have much poly experience? Do you ID as polyamorous as an "identity" or one of a variety of "lovestyle" options? What would your "ideal" poly relationship look like? (There are as many ways of "doing" poly as there are people doing it.) What does poly mean to you?

(You don't have to answer these questions! These are common questions/discussions that we seem to have on this forum, so I thought that I'd get you started.)


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