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River 06-28-2010 05:37 PM

Article: Why Therapists are Down on "Alternative" Sex
Therapist's biases prevent alternative relationships from getting help.


joyfulgirl26 06-28-2010 06:17 PM

holy cow, this guy has some GREAT articles.

THANK YOU! i am loving it! :)

Magdlyn 06-28-2010 09:35 PM

Thanks for the article! Insightful and funny!

I went to therapy for 3 yrs w a pro-poly counselor, who was also non judgmental of us home-schooling our older kids and co-sleeping w infants/toddlers/kindergartners. And ok w me being bisexual. (god I am weird lol) She helped me a lot.

It's nice they provide a link there to open-minded therapists.

SourGirl 06-28-2010 11:22 PM

' (god I am weird lol) '

HaHa,...Welcome to the club. Luckily, in this club, weird is GOOD. :cool:

I once had a therapist ( not for me, some random one at a party I attended),..look at me and say, " What do you MEAN you are bisexual ? "

..I thought it was self explanatory...but I digress.

So I used that old line ;

" I snatch kisses ......and vice versa. "

He got it, then. :D

Honestheart 06-28-2010 11:28 PM

THANK YOU!!!!! this article is great!!!!!

solarwindsfly 06-29-2010 11:14 PM

Two things... One is Thank you ! It took me a year to tell my therapist and she is the best one I've ever met.... thats saying a lot because I have had counselling and therapy for around fifteen years (long story) I was also afraid that because of my lifestyle and beliefs she might report me and try to have my kids taken from me (yes it happens)

Two... what is polyandry?

Ariakas 06-29-2010 11:22 PM


Originally Posted by solarwindsfly (Post 34102)
Two... what is polyandry?

One woman, multiple men. The opposite of polygamy. :)

Honestheart 06-30-2010 12:44 AM

holy shit, you mean there's a name for that? oh wait, isn't that the title of another thread. LOL
one woman multiple men, the opposite of polygamy....
again, thanks fer the link this thread is awesum!

saudade 06-30-2010 02:21 AM

Polygamy is gender neutral.
Polyandry is multiple men with one woman.
Polygyny is multiple women with one man.

Ariakas 06-30-2010 02:30 AM


Originally Posted by saudade (Post 34114)
Polygamy is gender neutral.
Polyandry is multiple men with one woman.
Polygyny is multiple women with one man.

well..I have been poly schooled. I didn't actually know that, thanks :D (I have always been bad at paying attention in school haha)

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