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DeviousIceCream 10-22-2012 07:22 PM

Here goes...

I'd like to experiment with a polyamorous lovestyle. Currently I am in love with an amazing woman (her name is V), we always try to practice open and honest communication and we do it well. We met this June and have been inseparable since. I have voiced my desire to play and experiment with other women sexually and so far she seems to be on board with the idea though admittedly neither of us have any clue how to go about exploring and working through the dynamics.

But recently I met someone who may be at least a potential friend (her name is J) n' so I've been chattin' her up and yesterday all three of us hung out for a little bit and everybody seemed cool.

I really want to take this slow. But i'm wondering how to proceed as the weeks go by. Should I talk honestly to just J alone about the idea to get a temp reading on her interests? or should we just break it all out at once (doesn't seem very slow to me)

Thank You,


MoonElf 10-23-2012 11:04 AM

I'm really new to this myself, but I do recomend reading both this foruns (the blogs and the "general poly discussion" for example) and some sites about poly. I found a lot of great texts on http://www.morethantwo.com/
Also ask V to read a lot about it too.

Big part of my experience with poly working out was that I had it in mind for a long while and both me and Peaches did a lot of research on it. The first thing we ever saw about it was a documentary. If I can find the name, I'll come back and tell you (It's been a while).

Aside from that, I'd recommend the basics: Comunication, Trust, and emotional maturity from all parts involved, TO all parts involved.

Good Luck. ;)

CielDuMatin 10-23-2012 07:28 PM

Is this just about the sexual aspect? Perhaps I am misreading what you wrote, but it seems that way to me. If so, you may find more answers on a site devoted to swinging, since that is primarily about the sex.

Do you have a desire or capability to fall in love with another person? While sex is often a part of polyamory, it's not the only part.

DeviousIceCream 10-24-2012 03:41 PM


Originally i wanted to be polyamorous for lots of sex, but as i continue to learn and read more my understanding is changing. I've found so much love with V our relationship has this profound depth and joy to it. I want to multiply and expand this love, our love, to more people. So yes i do feel that i have the desire and capability to fall in love with another person, i just need to vigilant and make sure that everyone's (and my) needs are met in Harmony, Perfection, and Honesty.

Patience, patience, patience


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