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wiredpsyche 06-22-2010 07:04 PM

A long time in coming
I've known I was the kind of person who could be poly for the last 10 years - had a few small experiements in it, most of which were with the wrong people whereas those of which were the right people were far too short (due to moving house and gosh I still miss them deeply).

Yet I kept trying to deny it: not that I felt it bad or even taboo - it is truly natural to me. It was just I kept falling for the kind of person who could only be strictly monogamous. My last 3 relationships have been that way and after a year or so in a monogamous relationship I begin to wilt, slowly and to the dismay of my partner.

I am finally realizing that I am what I am and I won't be fulfilled until I let myself be.

I'm here seeking the company of those who think alike to me, the comfort that what I want to be can indeed work (albeit with effort), and the reassurance that I am not the freak I've been proclaimed to be in the past (while I know it isn't true, the accusation still hurts and that hurt lingers).

I look forward to meeting all of you!

AutumnalTone 06-22-2010 09:37 PM

Welcome aboard.

idealist 06-23-2010 02:01 AM

Welcome!!! Seems like we may have some things in common?!?!? How old are you and what area do live in?? Just curious!!! Keep reading and sharing!! There are a lot of supportive people here. This forum has helped me a lot.

wiredpsyche 06-23-2010 02:46 AM

Thanks Autumnal!

Idealist, I am in central AZ and I am 26. :)

ladyavon 06-24-2010 05:47 AM

Don't worry you are not a freak. :) I believe there are many more people like us than there are people who are truly monogomous and are happy that way.

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