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seren 06-22-2010 06:07 AM

Cali married gal awakening to her tendencies
Hi there!

I am a married early 30s gal. I've always been interested in the fringes of sexuality and relationships experience but merely as a voyeur. In my life, I'm kind of a left of center brain stuck inside of a conventional body. Once we had our children and I hit 30, I realized that I needed to live life on my own terms instead of others.

Poly is part of that. i started listening to polyamory weekly last year after my husband and I began looking into swinging and realized we wanted something deeper. We have not swung or slept or dated anyone else, but have had that as part of our fantasies and have talked about it a bit.

I am not sure that we are swingers or polyamorous...somewhere in between at this point.

I do know that looking back I always fell in love with several people at once, but never acted on this. I think that loving more than one person romantically makes sense...I love both of my daughters as a mother, why is it deemed impossible to love more than one adult romantically?

Anyway...I'm here to figure this out, see if I want to explore it more and find out ways to open up the conversation more with my husband. Nothing would make me happier to see him happy with someone else...but I'm not sure if he's just intellectually in agreement with that or practically in agreement.


AutumnalTone 06-22-2010 09:39 PM

Welcome aboard.

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