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Miriam 10-15-2012 05:27 PM

Just got my heart broke....
Sometimes when you meet online it is a blessing. I recently posted an ad and got a response. A pretty girl who went through all the steps even put on cam show, cam chat, called me on the phone, text all day everyday, She finally convinced me she was real the here came the scam. Please open me a bank account so I could traffic some money... Please be careful and the whole trick is if it seems to good it prolly is. There are some cruel people out there using someone who is real with their emotions to try to prosper. I think those people will go to hell. Anyway, I got emotional because it went on for so long, we talked about everything and then....She wasn't real. After telling her the con was up, she pretended to be angry with me. Now, all of that said I am still on my path for my female soulmate. I have my male soulmate, but am needing more in my life to be happy. I am real kind and generous with a big heart, im attractive and loving and alittle niave' when it comes to the heart. I can get hurt. I don't want to ever feel that hurt or give anyone that feeling. We as a couple have been married 16 years and we are looking for a triad soulmate. I would like her to be alittle dominate with me in bedroom and alittle submissive to him. We own 150 acres of property and want to build a life with someone. If you are a person who just wants to be loved and live a triad family life let me know. My personal email is chocolatestrawberries@rocketmail.com Mitzi and Shane

Artisan 10-15-2012 05:32 PM

Awww :( That's so sad. I'm sorry that you had your heartbroken. I wish you much luck in your search for a soulmate. That person is out their, just keep looking :)

nycindie 10-15-2012 06:36 PM

I would think that anyone who puts on a "cam show" right away, before getting to know you, is somewhat suspect. Ewww. But how can you really say your heart is broken? You never even met her. Sure, disappointed, and I'm sorry she had you going there, but did you actually fall in love with her and are now heartbroken over someone who did a little porn show for you online and just texted you a lot? It seems, if you are that gullible (and most of us are somewhat gullible about certain things, I think), you should strive to be more cautious and hold back a little on your emotions until trust and knowledge of a person is established and you actually experience being with them for real. Develop better discretion and be sure to ask lots of questions if you're going to have an online romance.

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