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Ohiocouple 10-13-2012 09:43 PM

Cleveland, Ohio :)
So, Im not sure if i am allowed to post a "Looking for" ad here, so if i put it in the wrong place sorry lol

So we are From Cleveland, OH, Im 31 and my hubby is 32, very loving relationship, have been together for 9 years and its not very often we dont laugh and enjoy enjoy eachother. We have brought women home from bars/clubs etc etc but we are looking for more than just that. We have enough love in our relationship to open it up to another person, Im Bi sexual and he is straight.
I could ramble on all day about what we are looking for and what we are like but on a forum its kinda of a waste of typing casue not many people read posts in their entireity(i dont..i just try and get to the Boob pics teehee) so if you would like to talk more and are not a million miles away, PLEASE contact us, you wont regret it :)


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