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kitkat88 10-04-2012 07:40 AM

Breakup...the first one w poly :(
I am going through my first break up though poly :( My husband and I were sharing two girls and one of them told me that poly isnt for her and she just wants to be friends. I am thankful that we can just be friends, but I do love her and it hurts. I am not sure how to feel really...I mean we were only together together for maybe a month, but I honestly had no idea that she didn't feel like things were working out. I always stressed about being honest and being open but I think she was afriad to hurt me, I guess. I wish we could of talked about it face to face, this all happened over text because I was going to pick her up tomorrow to hang out and have a night of fun with my husband and the other girl. Oh, I just feel kinda sad. Any tips?

Derbylicious 10-04-2012 01:59 PM

If you still want a face to face with her see about arranging one. Even though it's over with her in a romantic sense it will be good to know what went wrong. It may very well be that it just isn't for her but there also might be something going on that could be changed in future relationships. Good luck.

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