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ColoradoBBWPolyCPL 06-07-2010 08:19 PM

Just wondering if there was anyone from Colorado or more specifically the Aurora/Denver/Highlands Ranch area.
I've joined as many yahoo groups for the area as I can find but was just curious to see if there was anyone on here from home. :D

NeonKaos 06-07-2010 09:00 PM

Not me, but welcome here anyway!

ColoradoBBWPolyCPL 06-07-2010 10:17 PM

Thanks! :)

Zeibyasis 06-12-2010 10:36 PM

My boyfriend and I live in Castle Rock. :)

We're very new to this lifestyle, and are in more of an exploring mental state at the moment. So far it's been the puzzle piece missing for me for quite some time!

Nice to meet you! Feel free to chat.

Polycouplecolorado 06-16-2010 04:56 PM

We are also in Colorado(Aurora to be exact :p ) and are looking.

tk1973 06-28-2010 09:41 PM

northwest colorado (craig ) and you right hard to find like minded people

BlackbirdDenver 10-08-2010 04:20 AM

We're new here, and we're in North Denver. I'm hoping to be able to find local community too! I'm stoked that there are other people close!

brainfreezy 01-31-2011 12:23 AM

hell yeah, Colorado...
Hello from Littleton! Wife and I just joined today! Relieved to find so many other recent Colorado poly-curious folks! We too are in an exploring mode and are looking to meet people and learn about this side of ourselves...

PolyWolf 04-12-2011 04:53 AM

From Colorado too! Great to find so many like-minded people. :D

COMAN 04-25-2011 02:18 AM

Poly meetup
Hello to everyone,

there is a meetup.com group that is polyamorous focused, haven't gotten the chance to attend, been meaning to. Those I've not yet met, I apologize for our having missed eachother. It's very nice to have found this forum, to share what we are able and find the courage to push the bounds of discussion forward. Any campers/hikers/hotspringers out there?

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