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coloradocowboy 09-24-2012 11:02 PM

loving Colorado couple looking fo a female.
Hi. We are a couple in Colorado that is seeking a woman to become part of our family.
We are a loving couple that has kids and are not against having more. But it is not a requirement. Just loveing kids is.lol.
We have been searching for a while now. Had found the one for us and quit looking. It worked. but she passed away. Still a little sadden by it
Now we are back looking.

Little more about us.
We farm and ranch. Ride horses.
We are both 35.
Me I am 6ft 190lbs active and in pretty good shape. Brown hair , brown eyes and have a good sense of humor.
Her 5.9ft slim 115lbs blonde hair now and sweet. We are very sexually active. But are not here for just that. . Looking for a woman is sweet caring. But can't just go on that as everone is different and has something different to bring into the relationship. Also to be up front about it attraction in a must have. Want it to be well rounded in the whole relationship . Well as good as it can be. Well if any woman is iterested loves the outdoors. Please contact us and to everyone else.... Hi!! Thanks for reading.

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