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StrayKitten 09-20-2012 10:45 PM

So.. Hi!
I've already been asking for help in the "general" section, but I figured I should give a right proper introduction as well!

I'm a 25 year old bi woman, figuring out life as it happens. Just finished massage school and waiting on my test results, so holding the thought for a massage related job in mind while searching for pretty much anything to keep me floating until I can get my practice up and running.

Just starting on my poly road by throwing myself in head first with my* primary boyfriend (working on the idea of a D/s relationship there too) (D) and my girlfriend (H). Figuring out how to work that as I go, with baby steps, a few frazzled posts, and patience. Still not totally sure if poly is my thing, but that's what life is for, exploring and seeing what happens! Sometimes it's beautiful and sometimes not, right? But we never know for sure until we try.

Anyway, Hi! **waves**
I'm a friendly type, and I love meeting/befriending people!

*I define him as my primary. We don't live together, and likely won't for a long time, if ever. That doesn't make him any less my primary relationship though, or the one that if things start to get icky with I'll pull away from all others to make sure it stays solid ;)

kdt26417 10-04-2012 09:48 PM

Greetings StrayKitten,

I am awfully late in saying this, but welcome to our forum. Hopefully you've been finding the help you've been looking for. It's good that you're approaching things with an open mind, and finding out what works for you. I hope you can get your massage practice going soon!

Kevin T.

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