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Faeryseduction 09-18-2012 05:43 PM

Gonna try dipping my toe in....
49 year old married poly bi gal, in search of a good male friend. Husband is poly and great and supportive. (And not bi, just an fyi - someone on OKC offered to have a threesome with us when I'd never even indicated hubby was one way or the other!)

Anyway, my last relationship with a guy ended when he decided to date someone mono.... so I've been a little gun shy about getting out there again. However, since this is a poly board, I figured I might have better luck here!

I'm Pagan, an artist, work in academe. I love Tarot and Qabala, my cats, my husband and my girlfriend. I live in the Greater Philadelphia area, and would prefer someone close by. (Less than 100 miles away!)

Are you out there?

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