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Polyannaplayswell 05-24-2010 09:08 PM

Hello all!
Hi everyone! I've been reading the forum for a bit now and decided to jump in and introduce myself. I will use false names because we still aren't completely out of the closet.

My husband Rob and I decided to open our marriage last Fall. We had some difficulties regarding our level of intimacy and our connection with each other in general that have been greatly remedied by opening our marriage. He is an amazing man and I am blessed to have such an open, honest husband.

Since our marriage opened I've been blessed to have a bit more experience than I intended right off the bat. 4 guys have come into my life so far, 2 of whom didn't work out. Jake came in right when the marriage opened and we have been dating 9 months now. We are old friends and love each other very much, but we aren't IN love (if that makes sense to anyone). He's my best friend, we have a great sex life, we'll probably be friends forever, but I don't see the potential for him completely joining my family. The biggest hurdle, other than the nature of our feelings for each other, is his monogamy.

The other guy in my life is Max. We just starting seeing each other in April so I'm not certain where that is going yet. Max is polyamorous but very commitment shy. He isn't seeing anyone else currently, so we are still trying to figure out where we fit together.

Rob and I do not share sexual partners. We do see the potential for a V in our future, or perhaps even a quad, but we are not actively seeking individuals to fill those roles. Rob is not currently seeing anyone else and has thus far seen 2 women who did not work out. We are just starting our journey and trying to figure things out as we go. We've recently changed the definition of our journey, moving from a general open marriage to more of a polyamorous specific definition. I started a blog to try to weed through my own feelings as we progress down this road.

We are all very spiritual people. Rob and Max are pagan, I am pagan and UU, Jake is Christian. Rob gets along very well with both Max and Jake, but Max and Jake have not had opportunity to meet each other as of yet.

Hi to everyone! Oh, you can call me Anna!

AutumnalTone 05-24-2010 10:28 PM

Welcome aboard.

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