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treyandanne 09-10-2012 11:15 PM

MF Texas Couple for M
We are both 50, both straight, and experienced with MFM Vee's. We are seeking a man to join us as an equal friend and partner in our relationship, to share equally in the day to day chores of living, but to be her primary sexual partner (she prefers the men to each have separate rooms and for her to choose one man each night rather than any type of schedule or group sleeping arrangements). Must get along well and be respectful to both of us, and though there is much that all three of us will do together, you should not be afraid to assert your privileges and privacy with her as her primary sexual partner.

For her needs to be met we are seeking only tall, strong, intelligent, alpha men who are well endowed (sorry, not to be shallow but this is a necessity). We are not lazy and you should not be either, but we do enjoy travel and leisure that is well deserved and earned. We have been married for many years, love each other deeply, do not have any drama or issues with her needs being met by another man in our house, and live a very down to earth naturist lifestyle in the Texas hill country. We are both have bachelors and graduate degrees and are liberal hippie types, love music, humor and travel. She is a bit of a tomboy and can fix anything. Be charming, polite and have a good sense of humor in public--can be less so in her bedroom.

We do have extended family living on our property so you must be able to blend in well with vanilla family and friends.

Let us know if you think you are a match and we will correspond with pics and tell you more about us.

Trey and Anne

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