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bandit814 09-10-2012 02:41 PM

hello im very new to this....help!!!
Ok, heres my story (tho its short lol). I been single for over a year now and really hate it. All the women I find are strait and dont wanna share. Ive had several 3somes in the past but wanna take that idea even farther. Im not looking for jus a sexual based poly relationship, but a long term friends fun sex the whole 9 yards with modd then one person. And yeah I wouldnt mind coming home to find a couple hotties going at it, who wouldnt right??? My ideal poly relationship would be m e a couple cuties ddand maybeke even a dude who would all be bi jus like me. A long term 4 some would be perfect. With atleast 3 of us working. Would be easier on bills, more money to do things, and alot more fun. Im gone alot and dont have time to search endless profiles. Ive tried pof, crlist, mocospace, and others. I dont know where else to go. And im 6 '2" tall short dirty blotnd hair, blue eyes and about 250 lbs. I got a big teddy bear heart. Im loyel, understanding, down to earth, easy going and a country boy

StrayKitten 09-20-2012 05:14 PM

Good luck?

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