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SpiritSkye 09-10-2012 12:38 PM

Found polyamory through spirituality. :o
In the beginning of the year, I started on a spiritual "journey", lacking better expression, which took an unexpected turn quite soon... I have NEVER considered polyamory, let alone polygamy as a viable option for myself, but through conversations with my soul and "twin soul" I found that we were, in fact polyamorous - and not alone. In the spirit world, we found another two "twin souls" that shouldn't be called twin souls, obviously, implying a couple, but that's what we found.

Amazingly most spiritual and religious groups reject the idea of a poly relationship as a sheer impossibility or insult to the balance of the Universe, at which point I feel like I just have to raise my hands and go "Oh well"... I do of course feel where they're coming from; I don't understand half the things "normal" people find... exciting in their lives. :D

I'll keep the intro short, but there's the reason I'm here. :)



Asher 09-11-2012 10:11 AM

Again, as I mentioned in another thread...Welcome! And thank you again for sharing your blog, your thoughts and perspectives.

So I'm NOT alone! ;) I've discovered my "polyamorousness" through spirituality as well. I've gone back and forth studying soul mates, which led me to the twins and all that karmic stuff in between. :P

Reading, researching, experiencing...and what an interesting journey it's been (and is!).

Now I am aware (and believe very stongly) of the twins, though duplicity is, well ya know...an illusion. ;) But I do know that we DO communicate, more than we are consciously aware of "all the time". It's a process of awakening and drawing closer, of course.

I also have never (even remotely) considered anything but a monogamous relationship...until a few years ago. That's when my journey began to take an interesting path. A path that is still unfolding.

So much more than can be covered in a forum post. :P

Anywho, again...your post has been very encouraging and timely.


kdt26417 09-16-2012 08:50 PM

Hey Skye,
Welcome to our forum.

I can relate to polyamory being part of a journey of discovery; I had a journey of about ten years that culminated in polyamory. I'm glad you could join us, this is a great place to share and to hear.

Well wishes and regards,
Kevin T.

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