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danapointdaddy 05-23-2010 06:01 AM

couple in socal seeking girlfriend
she is 26, African (yes, from Africa), petite and beautiful and oh so sweet... he is 46, stocky, handsome, loving and so lucky to have her... she is bi, he is very openminded... we are looking for a girlfriend, someone for her to have fun shopping and fun with, and for us both to date and adore and get tangled up in the sheets with... she is totally into the concept of sharing me with another girl, and is very excited about exploring her bi side... she kissed a girl, and she liked it...
me, I am totally faithful to my loves, and have always felt that a poly-fidelous relationship with two women would be the most wonderful, challenging and fulfilling way to do a relationship...
please be attractive and hwp and open to things being long term and perfect!
:) Triple bonus points if you are Asian! But certainly not a requirement...

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