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Cpl4GirlKy 05-15-2010 04:37 PM

Attractive couple with Bi female in KY seeks relationship with girl, maybe kids.
Hi :)

We are a couple near Lexington KY seeking a girl for a long term relationship. We are both level headed, both know what we want. We are not looking for any sort of short term hook-up. We would like to meet a decent girl for friends and see how things go. We both own our own separate businesses. We help each other out with that and everything else. It's great that we can spend our days at home together. We do most everything together.

She has a girl 15 and boy 12 at home, very good kids. We are fine with having another girl around the kids. They know a lot more than we did at that age. He has never had kids. We did lose a baby in Oct 2009 after the mother developed sever toxemia at 6 months. We are trying to have more kids. We are also open to having kids with another girl. We hope to find someone who is easy going and ready to settle down as we are. No hard drugs, no alcoholics. We have a few drinks occasionally. If you want to work, go to school or start your own business we would support that. Currently we have a 3 bed room home in a small/medium size town with a basement, large back yard with a pool, nice cars. We just got a grabber blue 2010 Mustang convertible to play with this summer. We are talking about geting a larger home in the country in the next year or two. We do like to take a nice vacation once or twice a year. We can travel for as long as we wish. We like to go to the Caribbean, Hawaii ect, especially in the winter.

There are photos of us in our profile here.

Contact us here or at our email.

Girl1016 06-03-2012 08:22 PM

Hi I'm in Nashville and I'm a single mom of three boys new to this I would love to talk and get to know you guys better

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