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Balthazar 08-27-2012 05:09 AM

Hello there, my name is Balthazar..
Alright, so, I am obviously new here. As a preemptive strike, I want to apologize if I break any rules in this posting as I am a little unclear if I am doing anything wrong at the moment.

Ah, anyways, I am a 23 year old male from Georgia who now lives in Utah. I am also a pansexual. I have been with a wonderful girl for 6 years now, and we are slowly moving into this sort of lifestyle for many reasons.

But the most important reason for me being here and posting is simply to learn. It will be a pleasure to meet anyone who wishes to be met, and thank you for your time.

kdt26417 08-28-2012 04:28 AM

Hello Balthazar,
Welcome to our forum.

Your intro post looks fine to me. I'm sure you'll learn a lot here, and make many friends.

Glad to have you aboard,
Kevin T.

NovemberRain 08-28-2012 04:32 AM

I find no small irony that kdt's 666th post is in a thread started by someone called Balthazar. Kevin, I love how you're the welcome wagon. :)

Balthazar, that's a lovely introduction. I'm glad you're here, and I suspect you'll find no end of possibilities to learning in these forums.

kdt26417 08-28-2012 04:37 AM

LOL, the signs are telling me something. :eek:

When I passed 668, that was the Nieghbor of the Beast. ;)

Welcome again, Balthazar.

Balthazar 08-28-2012 08:11 AM

Thank you both for such a warm welcome. I have been told my name is a little..unusual. But it is about time it serves some purpose, even if that purpose was to be irony.

Thank you both again, very much :)

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