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bb123 08-26-2012 08:45 PM

I recently moved to Switzerland from the US to take a job at a research institute between Basel and Zurick. Are there others from Switzerland on here? Any chance of getting together with like-minded people? I'm not far from South Germany and the Schwarzwald, as well as the Alsace-Lorraine region.

I'm having difficulty adjusting to the language, culture and expectations. Where I live is extremely conservative. I've never had to register to live in a place before in my life, and the Gemeinde (I guess it is like a village or a town, but I'm not really sure) asked a lot of questions about my family life and religion that I thought were completely inappropriate. How was I supposed to answer? They actually held up my work permit because I did not have my divorce decree with me and I had to get a certified copy. Apparently they are very uptight here about polygamy.

Have others had similar experiences?

All the best,

CielDuMatin 08-28-2012 12:18 PM

Hey bb, so THAT'S where you landed!

I take it (from the "Gemeinde" comment) that you are in the german-speaking part of the country.

I lived in Germany for 5 years and the culture is wayyy different, for sure. If you thought things were little tight in Upstate New York, then I think you are definitely going to have some adjusting to do! If your Switzerland is like Germany then there is a lot that goes on "behind closed doors" that folks don't really think about. The student population tends to be far more liberal than the general populace, as well.

Good luck!

jonandkas 02-15-2013 10:56 AM

We're now living in Basel :)

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