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Drifter 08-24-2012 09:53 PM

Facinated by relationship
In brief I am male, mid thirties, practically hetero in preference - meaning that women entrance me in ways that men do not. Though the love i feel for my close male friends is just as strong.

I'll not repeat my story as told in the personal summeries. But will add that I have a strong philosophical\spiritual bent. And that is a quality shared by all my intimate friends. I love the outdoors, travelling, arts, theatre, music, dancing, cooking on open fires, and playing host. I am at my happiest when life combines all these things.

I have mostly lived in either monogammous relationships or as an active single. Now I am exploring new relationship territory. So far it has been an exciting and rewarding - if not always easy- journey.

This is me now, hello.

kdt26417 08-25-2012 11:28 PM

Hello Drifter,
Welcome to our forum.

Hope your travels bring you many relationships that are rewarding ... and that you'll enjoy your time on our website.

Kevin T.

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