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AutumnalTone 01-25-2009 03:54 PM

In the Heartland
The heartland of the US, that is.

I'm SeventhCrow, my wife (who hasn't visited this site yet) is CurlySquirrel. I'm 44 and straight, she's 41 and bi. We currently have no additional partners.

If you're ever headed to KC for a visit, let me know. We may be able to provide a couple of friendly faces to make the visit more pleasant.

hopefuldrew 02-17-2009 04:35 AM


I too was raised in fundamentalist church (you made that comment on my intro thread). Talk about a compromised start, eh? I figured out when I was 13 that they were all crazy and I then stopped attending church. Yet so much of it stuck with me in my wiring and internal makeup. Though I did not “believe” any of it, a part of me still must of always felt that I would burn in hell should I misbehave. I may have been a boy scout anyway, but this just made it more so.

I went through 20+ years of adulthood being a real stand-up guy, happily married, etc. When I fell in love with my new friend who I now wanted very sincerely to be another partner and very important person in my life, I think the fundamentalist stuff reared its ugly head and contributed to a sense of shame that just compounded damage to my ability to think clearly. Ahhh! That “constant pounding from all sides”, as you say, it was powerful stuff!

I have thought about this a lot in the recent past, and so I just had to respond to your comment… So here is to freedom from all that!

Also, I notice you are active on this site. I appreciate your your caring and comments. And the last few days I have noticed an increase in people like me. People who are involved in a relationship in which there was/is some confusion, suffering, and/or the desire to explore and understand poly, all while not losing a loved on over it. That almost sounds funny, as the whole point is to gain loved ones, eh? But really, it has been very helpful for me to have exchanges here. And if there is one thing I would like to do is spare folks from making the mistakes I have made, as the hurt and pain I have caused the people I love is more than I would like to admit. Anyway, I enjoy your input and conversation.



AutumnalTone 02-19-2009 01:18 AM

It's amazing how difficult we make relating to other people, isn't it? Something that we're wired to do and which seemingly should be just like breathing--and we find myriad ways to screw it all up.

I think it just highlights how approaching relationships is best done thoughtfully and with a great deal of care. Every relationship has three parts--You, Me, and Us--and each part needs to be cared for. When you begin dealing with poly arrangements, then all of them become You, Me, Us, and Other, which requires even more care.

IF we take care when dealing with our relationships, then perhaps we can avoid some of the confusion and a lot of the pain. That's my hope, anyway, and my experience bears that out (so far).

So if I can help pass along a bit of experience to help somebody else avoid a bit of confusion and pain, then I figure I'm doing some good. Helping the world become a better place and all that.

machboat 02-20-2009 02:44 PM

It's a different life
Hi SeventhCrow,

After being married for almost 29 years, I am exploring all the options of being single again. I vist KC for business and I am always looking for new friends.


AutumnalTone 02-21-2009 05:41 PM

How often does work bring you this way? If I'm in town (my work takes me out of town), I figure I can buy a beer or two.

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