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MsStacey 05-02-2010 01:05 AM

Hello every one I am Ms Stacey
Hello everyone

I have been in a open relationship for a number of years, my life partner and I have been very supportive to each other, which we have enjoyed each others relationships.
We have traveled some turbulent waters but we talked and figured it out between us.

We are not currently seeing any other friends in a dating relationship type scenario. But when the day comes that we do wish to share someone elses life for a period of time we are not going to pass it by.

We own a long standing Alternative Lifestyles Club here in Calgary which we are always open to supporting such groups.

Woudl there be a need for a place to meet on a regular basis?

We just thought we would ask.

Take care

Ms Stacey

ImaginaryIllusion 05-02-2010 04:51 AM

Welcome to the Forum.

There's a new poly group in Calgary that's trying to itself off the ground. The last couple groups that tried over the last 10 years never really lasted long. Hopefully this one will have better luck.

SourGirl 05-03-2010 01:30 AM

Greetings MsStacey
Welcome to the Polyamory forum. :)

As I said to you last night, the more options available for the Polyamory community, the better ! Polyamory tends to transend with other lifestyles, so it makes sense to open doors.

Enjoy the board, there is lots to read !

MsStacey 05-03-2010 03:18 AM

Superjast & Imaginary Illusion
Imaginary Illusion

Thank you for the notification of the group that is trying to start up. The club that we have been operating welcomes all alternative lifestyles. We get many orientations of lifestyle that makes use of our venue. We know of many Poly relationships that have come through our door at one time or another. We wish to provide support in what ever way we can.

Are you able to direct me towards the group that is trying to start up in Calgary, maybe we can be of some assitance to them.


It was a pleasure to talk to you last night, there are so many things that could be made available to any Poly entity via support that we may be able to offer.

We would also like the chance to share some of our experiences and hear from others. This Forum will obviously allow us to do some of that.

Thanks again for the welcome, the information and the support and I will start reading the posts.

Take care
Ms Stacey

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