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desdexclint 08-20-2012 10:50 PM

Something new and also very unexpected
I am not sure where to start, but I think for you to fully understand the situation I need to go back, way back to when I discovered or came to the conclusion that I was for sure NOT straight. This led to all kinds of great experiences but I never quite found that special someone. And nor did I expect to at least not yet (I'm 21). Nothing seemed to stick or even feel right.

I own a little retail store in our town and in the spring of 2011 one of my best friends from school that I hadn't talked to in like 3 years started coming in on a regular basis. We became friends again and really started talking and she introduced me to her boyfriend of like 3 years- later in the summer of 2011. We all became very close friends and I would consider them as close if not closer than family.

I am/was perfectly happy having them as my best friends (nothing has changed about that) I am at their house what seems like every day after work or we are off camping or doing something else fun. This is how everything was up until last Thursday. Then everything changed.

I was taking care of my parents house for a week and they live way outside of town (like 3 miles from the nearest house and 20 miles from our small town). We decided that since it was a clear cool night that it would be great fun to break out the old telescope and astronomy book and look at what's out there, and since my parents house is in the middle of nowhere it was a perfect setting for star gazers.

Anyway we made dinner, ate then decided we were just going to lay down and find some constellations and look for meteors and such, well one thing led to another and we ended up having a fabulous night (sexy time) which I will never forget. And now, instead of feeling awkward around them about it (like I thought would happen) we are more comfortable with each other than ever.

I am not sure where this is going to take us or if we even become permanently "together" or if we just continue being best friends. But I get the vibe that this is going to be a beautiful journey and we will be happy forever no mater what happens.

I got on here today because I was brought up in a family where monogamy is "the way" and I had no idea that anything like this could/would happen to me, and at first I got on here for support or to ask if this could work but after reading some of the threads on here I know that it can, and I hope that it does for me.

I will try and update every so often, I just read through all of your stories so I thought I would share mine =)

JaneQSmythe 08-21-2012 12:17 PM

That sounds like a beautiful beginning to what could be a wonderful journey!
Good Luck and Welcome to the Forum.

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