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MissKate 08-19-2012 02:16 PM

I am a bisexual girl married to a wonderful man but am looking for a little more.

CielDuMatin 08-19-2012 04:39 PM

Hello MissKate. Welcome to the forum.

What "a little more" are you looking for? Does your husband know of this?

MissKate 08-19-2012 08:30 PM

My husband is aware of my feelings. At the moment we are exploring an open marriage.

kdt26417 08-19-2012 09:32 PM

Hi MissKate,
Welcome to our forum.

I hope you soon find that "missing bit" in your life. In the meantime, Polyamory.com is here to help, in any way we can.

Pleased to meet you.
Kevin T.

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