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ravenwhitney 04-29-2010 06:04 AM

Looking for a more affectionate girlfriend
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Well, im assuming you can look for significant others on this site, or this section. So i am going to try. A lil bit about myself. my name is Whitney. Im 20 years old and im dating two guys and one girl,. only problem is that my girlfriend mostly ignores me. But anyway, my hobbies are reading, writing, learning new things, goin for sushi, clubbin anmd mysic and movies. my favorite music is nightwish, lady gaga, spice girls and show tuners like franmk sinatra and barbra streisand types. my movies usually are chick flick, horror or sci-fi fantasy. im generally an easy person to get along with. im cuddly and protective of women. i do drink and smoke. i also enjoy rennasancve faires and such. i love vampire type stuff. oh yeah, and im 5'1 and a half(yes the half counts lol). im chubby, im 170 pounds. but not too big. most people think im cute. i dont know how to insert a picture on here otherwise i would. you can find me on myspace.com/ravenwhitney08

Now what im looking for: i would love to find girl roughly close to my age or no older than 35. looks are not all that important to me. must have some common interests. obviously must be able to share, but dont worry, id show you probably more affection if it is received and returned. by the way im mostly into girls. if any girls seem interested give me a holler at three one four four eight eight four nine two eight. or add me to yah which is gothic_sista08 and if im on mobile im just give me a message bvecause iv got unlimited texting, but prefer only textin until we talk then ill call if i have to.

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