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emmyrosema 08-16-2012 07:13 PM

(possibly) new in SA?
I have been married to my husband for ten years now. We have been talking about different types of relationships....poly is something we might be interested in. We had talked about "swinging"....but I also want an emotional connection...and I know that my husband would not mind a more permanent solution. I am not sure what our next step would be from here.

We have been in no other relationships since we were married.

I have always believed that a person's love multiplies, not divides. I became more interested in a poly relationship after watching the TLC show Sister Wives. It seemed to me that there are many benefits to the adults and the children of that household.

We live in San Antonio. We have four children, 2 are from my previous relationships (one marriage and 1 co-hab), and two children together. We are done having children as I had to have a hysterectomy (still in my childbearing years however). We own two dogs (does anyone want a male chihauhau dog about 20 weeks old:D) and a cat. My husband works full time, and I am a stay at home mom due to the necessity of care for one of our kids.

We believe very much in God, however do not necessarily have mainstream beliefs. We have not seriously attended church because we feel uncomfortable in the "House of God" setting...mostly due to the challenges of one of our children.

I am very much into scrapbooking/cardmaking/papercrafting. My husband loves to fish and hunt. I get to indulge in my hobby more than my husband does...he has a hectic work schedule....not to mention he dislikes hunting and fishing alone.

Well, that is all I can think of to post....I am willing to answer questions or edit my post if I left out information.

Thanks for reading this!!

kdt26417 08-18-2012 11:01 PM

Hello emmyrosema,
Glad you could join us.

You might want to try our Dating & Friendships subforum (if you haven't already). Also, you could Google "polyamory Texas" or "polyamory San Antonio" ... there may be a poly group somewhere in your area ... a way to make friends and learn more.

Also you can make friends and learn a lot on this website. I encourage you to take advantage of that opportunity. :)

Welcome aboard,
Kevin T.

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