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DustimusPrime 08-03-2012 10:47 PM

New to poly, in Seattle
Hey everyone! So, as the title implies, I am very new to poly...sort of.

It's a bit of a story, but here goes:

I've been with my fiance for a little over four years. She's always had the poly belief, but without the title. I was monogamous up until recently, when I decided that I wanted to marry Shay (my fiance). Basically it boiled down to the fact that I knew she wanted to have relationships on the side, one in particular with her girlfriend in our home town of Spokane. I knew that if I asked her to remain monogamous with me she would but she would be losing a huge part of herself. So I read some books (Ethical Slut, Sex at Dawn), did some soul searching, and talked with her about it. We came to the conclusion that our relationship would thrive as a polyamorous one. This was in Oct-Nov of 2011. I know I said I was new. I know it's been several months, but I've not had a secondary relationship yet, so to me it feels like I haven't really started yet. Shay has her gf over in Spokane, and that's all shes looking for really, but I would really like to meet a nice girl to cuddle and develop a relationship as well. We'll see. Either way, I already feel better overall, having torn down the invisible boundaries that are ever present when starting a new friendship in a monogamous mindset.

So that's my coming to poly story. Apart from that, I'm a very normal 25 year old guy who lives just south of Seattle and works in downtown Seattle for a web development studio.

I'd love to meet more poly minded people for friendships, and hopefully find a nice woman to spend time with and find an intimate connection with as well.

kdt26417 08-04-2012 08:35 PM

Hi Dustimus,
Welcome to our forum.

I've been to Seattle (earlier this year). Love the atmosphere.

Be sure to look at our Dating & Friendships subforum, you may be able to find someone in your area. Also, Seattle is famous for its poly population. If you Google "polyamory Seattle" or "poly Seattle" you'll probably find several local groups.

Meanwhile, reading some of the threads on Polyamory.com will help you prepare (in mind and spirit) for a poly life. Enjoy your time here!

Kevin T.

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