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dynamicduo 08-03-2012 02:05 AM

Looking for our Catwoman! NYC
We are a couple looking for that fun and mysterious Catwoman. casual to start with but if willing vcan become more serious.

She is a slim dark skinned fun loving lady who works at a sex shop. loves to cook and entertain, and is going to school for massage therapy.She is artistic and loves to read.

He is a light skinned IT technician who works at a foreign music store and builds websites and has a background in early child education. He is a avid game player who loves watching movies and television. He is a little shy unless drinking.

We are looking for a nerdy girl who likes to party as well as stay at home and cuddle. Someone who is into 50's era nostalgia, books, tv, movies, food, and walking around nyc looking for cool things to do. or watching the sun come up.

We love to drink and be social but also like quiet time to relax so if you are into enjoying two people who have a lot of fun and respect boundaries we are the two

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