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Stephlynn777 08-02-2012 02:41 AM

All about us...
Hello, I'm 33 and my husband is 34. We meet in fell in love when I was 18, he was 19. Soon we moved in and had children, we married after 8 years of being together. We have been happily married for 7 years.
Few months after we moved in together I saw him looking at another woman, in a way a man looks as not to get "caught" so I said to him, she is hot. Of course that sparks many many conversations about me being BI, althought I dislike labels.
We have had quit a few "flings" with other women, but we are over the "just sex thing" and have started seriously discussing having a relationship, I still dont know if that makes us poly??? I just dont know where to start. I felt like we were crazy until I found this site and started reading, Thanks!!

kdt26417 08-02-2012 08:48 PM

Hi Stephlynn,
Welcome to our forum.

Just keep reading and asking questions, you will get your "poly sea legs" in due time. It sounds like you've had a positive experience with "sharing" so far.

It's great to have you among us.
Kevin T.

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