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cailet 04-19-2010 11:56 PM

new to forum
Hi everyone. I am a 35 yo female living in central Washington state. I have been married for almost 11 yrs now to my wonderful hubby. We were involved in the swinging lifestyle from the get go. Now things are a bit different for us. We met some awesome people at a social club. I found that me and this other gentleman had an instant connection. We have been together for 2 yrs now. Him and my hubby are good friends also. Hubby met this really nice girl that was the best friend of my gentleman. hubby and her are serious with each other and basically i live in 2 places now. I stay with my gentleman on the weekends and with hubby during the week. We used to do things together all the time but now hubby's gf doesn't want anything to do with my bf. (she is best friends with bf's ex wife so quit the freindship with my bf) (they were best friends for 7 yrs before this). the bf and I still enjoy the swinging lifestyle as a couple. Hubby and his gf have totally dropped that part of their lives. Hubby and I have 3 children that some weekends they are home other times they are at my 2cd house with me. it all depends on what is going on with everyone that time. Hubby's parents like the gf and invite her and hubby to all the family functions. (that's quite all right with me since his family never liked me anyways) They are even accepting of the fact of how we live. (I think they are just waiting for hubby and I to get divorced but that's not happening)

Anyways i think that's enough of an introduction I am really glad i found this forum.

Thanks everyone


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