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kala83 07-22-2012 08:28 PM

Wonderful new changes
Lol so even I am suprised to say that my life has turned utterly amazing lately. I have never seemed to have good luck when it comes to my personal life at all. And it finally seems like all of that is turning around, I have roughly about four guys I am seeing as a single poly girl I do admit I would like to find a lady but I am sure at some point this will come.

I am un sure if dating this many is a good thing, but I do have bad issues with axiety and do tend to over analize things some times. So I asked myself some basic questions to put my mind at ease,

1. Are all my partners aware of the situation and are they ok with it?
2.are they being honest?
3.are they clean sexually, and safe to be around?
4. Do they think and care about me?

When I took a moment to sit down and think about these issues I have had with others in the past and realized for now that does not seem to be the issue with any of my partners then I don't truly feel there is anything wrong with this . I am able to speak with all of them well and set up good boundaries with each, while making it clear I don't at all mind a sexual aspect to it, but I want to get to know them and date them also .
^_^sooo cheesy as it is I am giddly happy!!

CielDuMatin 07-22-2012 08:32 PM

Wow, this is wonderful! I think your checklist is great - I would add to number 1 "Do they respect my other relationships?"

Glad you are making it work for you in such a fine style - I hope this continues!

kala83 07-22-2012 10:06 PM

I truly hope it continues as well i am glad that I am geniuenly seeming to
have better luck with my love life. And to have so many people that love and care for me in my life while also living my life the way I want having some independance in my life at the same time.
Thank you for your wonderful good wishes

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