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Lu2k155 07-19-2012 10:39 PM

Georgia Couple Seeking Friendship and More
Luv2k155 and Desert Rose Here:

We are seeking singles and couples, but would prefer couples for friendship and more.....
We would like to meet like minded people who want the same thing, develop a friendship and go from there. Must be mature, children are ok, age range of 30 and up to 55.
We don't want to put a lot stipulations up here right now. The best part of getting to know a person or persons is being able to hear and understand what we like and don't like.

We(Luv2k155 and Desert Rose) have been in a relationship for about 10 years. We are not skinny, We are semi-thick, as in moderately proportional. So if you are looking for Ken and Barbie, you are on the wrong profile. We are drug AND disease free, and have been that way all my life and will remain that way. She is athletic, exciting personality, very social and friendly, and loves to start fires.

Him: Luv2k155
He is a retired network administrator. He was born in Germany, has a big German body frame. (Love it). He is Caucasian. We live in Columbus Georgia.
He is 5feet 9in, Brown Hair......little extra padding and terribly squeezable. He is witty, funny and very caring. He is a sensual and erotic, straight Caucasian male age 52.

He loves to be surprising in all ways sexual. He's the type of lover who loves to play and has the toys to do it. He likes sensual kisses, 69, Massages (Erotic and Not), Playing adult games and watching a woman scream in orgasm on the Sybian, his tongue or whatever else it takes to make her do so.
Her: Desert Rose
She is a mixed female of Asian and (the politically correct term)African American, (which she is not from Africa). She is of a caramel/pecan tan of black decent and Asian. She was born in Amityville, New York. Move to the south with family...... She is five feet 8 inches, she has extra padding with and athletic build. She is a fun, loving, adventurous type person. Her demeanor is is soft and sweet, laid back and chill. She is a musician and loves all types of music. Her favorite music is Jazz, Smooth Jazz. She has always been active in exercising and sports. Very beautiful caramel honey skin. She is a network admin, and a game designer.

Inluvadventurous2 11-27-2013 12:11 PM

We are an interracial couple who's curious :cool: about being with others you guys sound like us as for as desires. please contact us by email if interested.

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