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flux29 07-19-2012 04:00 AM

hello from houston.e
I just wanted to stop in and say hello. I am looking forward to meeting everyone and starting some great new friendships/ relationships. Hope to talk to you soon!

kdt26417 07-19-2012 11:20 PM

Greetings Flux,
Glad you could be on our forum.

I'm sure you'll find there's many interesting conversations you can have, and new friends you can meet, on our various threads and boards. There's a lot to do here! :)

Welcome and enjoy your stay.
Kevin T.

flux29 07-20-2012 01:12 AM

Thanks ktd! I am already enjoying being on here.

Setxfamily 07-21-2012 12:44 AM

Hello from the east side of Houston in La Porte. Have you meet many others from our area yet?

flux29 07-21-2012 03:39 PM

None yet. Just you!

Setxfamily 07-21-2012 04:33 PM

Actually yes. There is a small community. We are gonna try for a get together in August some where if your interested.

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