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ethereal 07-06-2012 07:04 AM

looking for unicorn in las vegas
Dear Polyamory,

My boyfriend and I are in Alaska for the summer season. We are both young, highly educated, established, professional adults. In the most humble way possible, we are both very pleasing to eyes. We have an amazing connection together and our minds are saturated with the idea of another woman in orbit of our solar system.

Just like a lot of other ideas, polyamory is socially unacceptable, making it hard for us to just "put it out there". We've both felt the same void for as long as each of us can remember. It was fate that we found one another, just as it will be when we find our missing moon!

So we've done a little research and luckily found this forum. We will probably be moving to Las Vegas in the next few months. We have decided to wield the power of this forum to complete our triune. We are looking for a very attractive bi-female to fall in love with us. She must be educated and in shape.

We don't do drugs, neither of us are smokers and we drink on occasion. We are both into fitness and eating healthy. We want a bi-female that is a professional. She has to be looking for a committed relationship, we are not into flings or one-night-stands. We are both disease free and expect the same from you. If you think the shoe fits feel free to drop me a line.



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