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zephyrrine 06-19-2012 03:18 PM

New shock
So on facebook I am apart of a plyg group where basically we are all interested in it or live it. In this group we talk about food, children(or the desire to have them), religion, everything. Most of us have never met in person though. I was really suprised when I first brought up that I was pagan to them. They were pretty accepting and I learned that a few of them had alternative faiths. The admin of the group posted something that said "keep calm the goddess is alive and magic is afoot" and tagged me in it because apparently the saying reminds her of me in more ways thatn the obvious. one of the new member didn't understand why she posted it so I explained I was pagan. Lets just say I'm going to hell and that I'm a bad person. This doesn't suprise me much because I know there are people like this out here in the world. I met 31 of them when I did a speech on it for my university communications class, but not even they attacked me like he did. I didn't even attack his religion. Then he basically said that every one in that group that doesn't believe in Christ is Satanic and will not enter heaven. I guess it didn't help that I have come to terms that IF my beliefs are wrong I am fine with that. It was just suprising. This was the first plyg/poly finatic I've "met". Everyone is uusially laid back about people who are not in their relationships choices.

loveboston 06-21-2012 11:33 PM

It's unfortunate that someone who doesn't know you personally would take it upon themselves to comment on your spiritual well being.

As if it were possible for any of us to know what Christ thinks about you whether they believe He is God or not.

From what little I can tell you appear to be a very nice pagin magic goddess :)

GalaGirl 06-22-2012 06:30 AM

These people are in a different place in stages of faith development. Probably "dependence" (mclennan) or "stage 3" (fowler) place.

More on stages:

Fowler -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fowler%...th_development
Fowler -- http://faculty.plts.edu/gpence/html/fowler.htm
McClennan -- http://qcuu.net/files/How_Mature_Is_...irituality.pdf

And it is unfortunate this person interprets their path teachings as teaching "black and white naughty or nice." You aint' of this path ergo you MUST be naughty -- AND can't just think it in their heads and leave it in there. But have to hurl it out at others.

It's annoying, but endure with grace as much as possible. All paths have their INTERESTING characters -- doesn't mean the path in general isn't a decent path. Just that the student on the path is maybe not yet well developed? I dunno. Maybe just a nutter and NO amount of religious education/faith development would help.

"Look, I'm not of your path. That's about it." and let it go usually works for me.

Once I had to tell someone who was telling me I was going to hell more firmly - "Ok. Guess I'll have to answer to God and take the heat when I get there then! No heaven for me. You win."

And that took all the wind out of their sails.

I'm sorry you had to deal in that tho. Let's hope they continue to grow in their faith. Or at least in their manners.


Arinbjorn 09-28-2012 06:51 AM

That's an unfortunate situation.

Also, kind of a harsh reality in the world we live in.

Everyone has their right of choice in what they choose to believe, and to have others respect that choice. I respect Catholic Christians and their choices. My background is as a Scandinavian traditions based shaman, also as a licensed Minister. I also don't necessarily get respect in return.

Especially when those Jehovah's Witnesses knock on the door periodically. I indulge them in an hour or so of intelligent and polite conversation. Only for them to finally figure out, despite everything I have politely told them about myself when they ask, that I do not worship in their tradition, and have zero interest in conversion.

It's a shame that some people choose to live so close-mindedly. Live your life as you see fit, and let those folks roll off your back as water does on a duck's back. :D

It's our own personal responsibility to define what the spark within us means to us. I wish you luck and good things as you walk down whatever path you have chosen.

WiccanWoman 12-16-2012 01:38 PM

Zephyrrine... is it you?
[QUOTE=zephyrrine;140183]So on facebook I am apart of a plyg group where basically we are all interested in it or live it. In this group we talk about food, children(or the desire to have them), religion, everything. . . . [clipped for brevity]

Zephyrrine... was it you who recently posted a comment on my blog (WiccanWoman at Wordpress)? If so, small world. I just this morning created an account here and stumbled happily upon you while reading (old) threads to familiarize myself with the discussions, etc. :)

Am I in the same FB group as you? If not, please enlighten me as I'd love to become a member. :D


paradigm 12-21-2012 06:39 PM

Try not to take offense, it wastes your energy to spend it being offended. It also means that you allowed it to control you. It happens, but its quite soothing just to smile and go on.

northhome 12-21-2012 06:50 PM


Originally Posted by Arinbjorn (Post 157323)
Especially when those Jehovah's Witnesses knock on the door periodically.

Ooooh. A yummy Jehovah's Witness. My record is max 60 seconds before they flee. Could it be because I always start with asking them about their sexual preferences? :-)

Seriously, anyone who thinks their beliefs are 'right' definitely aren't 'right'. Everything is relative - even the bit about everything being relative.... Sorry you had to put up with such nonsense.

Meghan 12-25-2012 08:18 PM

Oh those silly xians
I think the funniest reply to Jehovah's Witnesses that I have heard is attrebuted to Oberon Zell. It basically says the Bible doesnt apply to them because they are The OtherPeople of whom passing reference is made in their book of Genesis. Furthermore, their Jesus commanded his disiples only to heal the leappers, bring back the dead, care fro the poor, and only to gather the lost tribe of Isreal. Thus since he himself is not of an Aramic tribe he has nothing to worry about from the deity in theBible.:D

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