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mostlyclueless 06-19-2012 04:52 AM

Looking up
I had posted some very upset threads here a while back. I had a very unpleasant transition into poly, even though I was doing it willingly.

Lately, things are starting to look up. I have been seeing a poly couple, and they are just wonderful. For the first time, I feel genuinely enthusiastic and excited about this -- still very nervous and not sure what is going to happen, but so grateful for how loving and patient and supportive my partner has been, and thrilled to meet new people I connect with.

The only down side has been that I feel a little distanced from my closest friends. They have said they are supportive/respectful of my choice to be poly, but they really seem not to understand at all (no fault of theirs). When I was telling my closest friend about my upcoming date with the couple I've been seeing, and mentioned that things might get more intimate than they've been yet, she said, "But you don't HAVE to have sex with them!!" It had never crossed her mind that I might want to.

Anyway, no questions from me, but I wanted to put in a positive word after having posted so much miserableness here before. Feel free to move the thread if it belongs in another area.

CielDuMatin 06-19-2012 01:23 PM

very glad to hear that things are more positive for you!

Friends who were friends before you "came out" as poly can be a tough issue. Most of them don't "get it", and, to be honest, they probably never will if they are "wired for mono". I have had to learn to accept that and make some new friends through our local poly groups that I can be more open with and who understand.

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