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aj696x 06-02-2012 05:57 PM

Couple looking for a lovely lady
We are a loving married couple that is seeking a lovely lady to join us in a loving lasting relationship. I am bisexual, 46, 5' 4" and 160 pounds and my husband is strait, 47, 6' 300 pounds. We would prefer a bisexual lady to join us.

We are financially secure and stable. We enjoy traveling and taking cruises. We live in Southwest Florida.

My husband is retired and I work from home so that we are together all of the time.

We are a very communicative couple and talk about everything. We are very open and honest.

We do not smoke, or do drugs and only drink once and a while.
We would prefer a non-smoker.

My husband is dominant and I am submissive. I serve my husband and he is my world. I sit at his feet each night to massage his legs.
He is the king of our home and we are searching for a lady that is ready to make a commitment to him and us. Are you the one we seek?

You being submissive to him is not a requirement, although, being open minded and willing to being open to how we are is best for all involved.

We do have 2 children that still live at home and are accepting of our relationship. If you have a child then that child will be loved and cherished as our own, but we are not interested in having more children other
than the ones that are already born to you or to us.

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