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Amber 05-30-2012 08:20 PM

poly mono quadrangle confused
Hello there

Been happily married 3 years. Last month after a party my husband admits to me that he's in love with another woman (also married) and she's in love with him. They haven't done anything yet but they'd like me and her husband to say that its all ok.

Didn't cope particularly well. Major mental realignment. Actually, her husband and I have been attempting to console each other... we may have got drunk and started kissing... Ok so maybe we're a little poly too, or maybe we're just trying to be to make it easier having partners who are in love.

On one hand not dealt completely/not entirely happy with husband seeing other lady, on the other trying to build a relationship with her husband hoping that if i can fall for him it would make everything ok.

Confused. On many levels. None of us know how to react or how the other 3 are feeling (frequent mood crashes). Her husband and I are good friends who flirt, we're not even friends with benefits really yet... but i like to imagine a future where the four of us could have a poly relationship and go a whole week without anyone having a mental breakdown.


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