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kittencatkins 05-24-2012 01:02 PM

considering POLY relationship.
Me and my partner are considering a poly relationship however i said that i need time to think about it, go over the pro's and the con's as it where. He has only mentioned other girls that could be a part of said relationship which is fine. In a poly relationship do you need a balanced girl to boy ratio or is it fine to have one man and three or four girls. I am bisexual so i could also get what i need from them be it sexually but mostly im just looking to share the love. Snuugle are the best when there three or more in the bed.

Anyway a bit about me i live on my own in cambridge,uk. I have blue eyes and currently short blond hair im thinking of going purple but i might not get a job :P. I will set up a profile soon so that you can get an idea of what sort of person i am.:).

I am on this forum as i am full of questions and i want to get an idea as to what polyamory entails and whether its right for me.

I look forward to your responses :D xx

kdt26417 05-24-2012 03:06 PM

Hello kittencatkins,
Welcome to our forum.

Hopefully you can get the answers you need here. There's surely a good amount of information, on just about any topic.


"In a poly relationship do you need a balanced girl-to-boy ratio or is it fine to have one man and three or four girls?"
Either way is fine, it really depends on the unique individuals involved.

Any more questions, just fire away. :) I'll do my best to answer (and others will probably chime in as well).

Kevin T.

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