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harmony25 03-25-2010 02:58 AM

********Houston, TEXAS*********
Hey, is there anyone here from or around Houston Texas. My husband and I am looking for like minded people in the area so we can get to know them without being judged from people who don't understand our life style choice. Also, does anyone know of any "in person" or face to face meetings. Thanks guys!!!!:)

photogirl920 04-07-2010 07:12 PM

East texas here!

SalaciousCouple 11-12-2010 05:45 PM

Moving to Houston
We are moving to Houston and will be visiting between now and then. We would love to meet like minded folks and network. Ultimately, we're looking for a woman to date and eventually add a sister wife to our family.

ambleew 02-11-2011 05:21 AM

hi there! houston here!! would LOVE to get to know people that understand our lifestyle. We are new to polyamory and have been struggling but making it through!

Setxfamily 02-12-2011 01:30 AM

LaPorte here A small quite gem of a town on the East side of Houston.

ambleew 02-12-2011 06:10 AM

Oh wow... We are in Clear Lake! I went to LaPorte Highschool :)

Setxfamily 02-12-2011 04:23 PM

I attended Pasadena High and my Lady is from Washington, St. We moved here about 6 years ago.

MelodyAndJohn 03-26-2012 10:11 PM

Couple new to Polyamory?
My fiance John and I just moved to La Marque from NC, and we're looking for another female for our loving relationship. :)

missliz87 04-11-2012 03:52 AM

I live in Dayton and am going to school over near Clear Lake. My boyfriend, his fiancee and I all live together. I am fairly new to Poly and they are new to the area, we would all love to meet other poly couples nearby.

CielDuMatin 04-12-2012 12:55 PM

There is a local poly group in Houston - check out http://lists.polyamory.org/listinfo....-polyamory.org for details.

Good luck!

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