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Ariakas 03-21-2010 10:13 PM

Opinion on Libido Louge
I know this isn't specifically poly, but I know we have a few Vancouver folks on here so I was hoping for some local opinions.

My wife and I have been looking at various parties etc to try and get more information, education and hopefully meet more local people. I have looked into bdsm munches, poly meetups, dungeons, etc. There are a lot of resources for vancouver but they all seem badly outdated or slow. For example poly-van has what seems like 5 different resources, only one of them is kept up to speed.

All that said I found an interesting resource - http://www.libidoevents.com/pages/welcome , which seems to be up our ally as far as where we are (newbs) and what we want (we don't know)...has anyone attended any of these workshops etc. I only ask because I live 2ish hours away. To attend will require a lot of prep time and I want to be sure it will be worth it.


ImaginaryIllusion 03-22-2010 06:08 PM

I've never gone to Libido Lounge since it's inception...but I have had the privilege of attending a few or Jennifer's workshops in the year or two before she opened the lounge.

There's a variety of workshops they offer on several subjects...the ones I've attended are certainly well suited to people new to the subject, or just curious about learning more. In fact it was her workshop on Polyamory a couple years back that swayed my wife to try this path again (since the poly role models we might have seen in earlier years were not the sort of people we wanted to emulate).

So...in terms of being worth the couple hours to get to...I would say absolutely yes. It's not miracle work or anything...but Jennifer is an awesome woman, and the workshops are very informative...so if it's education you're looking for, I think it'd be a worthwhile place to seek it.

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