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dragosal 03-20-2010 04:20 PM

newish to poly
i'm from western ny and i feel like i am the only poly person in the tri-county area if not more. whenever it comes up that i'm poly all i get is hostility, i get treated like some kind of tool. is this normal?

constlady 03-21-2010 02:10 AM

Sadly in the rural, conservative areas of western NY, this is normal.

The good news is that as more and more of us come out, as we find and create support for ourselves and others, as our friends and neighbors begin to see that we are basically just "normal" people who happen to love in a different way, that hostile perception of polyamory does begin to change.

CielDuMatin 03-21-2010 02:34 AM

Welcome to the forum!

Even though I am a fair bit east of your, I can vouch for the fact that there are quite a few poly folk in Western NY, some of them quite nice folks. ;)

Non-poly folks' reactions to polyamory run the gamut of acceptance to outright hostility and in generally conservative New York State once you get well outside the city, it skews towards the negative.

I hope that you can find some good contacts here.

dragosal 03-21-2010 04:10 PM

ya im leaving for college in the fall and im going to be prettymuch in buffalo so hopefully it will get better :) thanks for the responses

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