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Linaeve 04-27-2012 11:18 PM

My triad!

It's been a while! We had a lot of issues surrounding my husband's girlfriend, and they finally broke it off. She had some baggage that she wasn't willing to let my husband understand, cheated on him with an ex, and tried to commit suicide over that ex. Things got really weird and so they mutually broke it off (aka, she screamed that my husband was a terrible person and left). The communication was off, her actions were off, and she wanted to do things behind our backs so really, there's no hard feelings. :)

Now that I've kind of caught everyone up, I found someone! :D We are currently taking things much, much slower due to the fact that we live together (he recently moved in as a roommate) and this is his first poly relationship. He's very openminded and is good friends already with my husband! So far, we are all getting along well and my husband does not mind the flirting.

I should say that I had planned on remaining mono with my husband mainly because I felt like I would never fall for anyone else anyway. Boy, was I wrong. J, as he will be named henceforth, is a wonderful person with a huge heart and a sharp mind. I haven't been this incredibly happy in a long time! I get to come home to watch my husband and my boyfriend sit on the couch and play video games. I get two 'hey baby! I missed you!' and two hugs from the two people I greatly care about! I've been dancing around the house and cooking like a fiend and just enjoying the NRE! :D

There are going to be problems, but so far we have all been very open and honest with each other. The first problem was with my husband thinking we were going to have to schedule 'alone' time and that I would be sharing beds and that everything we had was going to go down the drain..... we ended up sitting down and talking about that together. There will be no bed schedule unless it's needed (and it's not), there may be some scheduling of alone time but that's not a huge difference from what we already do (we have a four year old), and that I was in love with him even more because he was giving me the freedom to explore what I have with J. I don't think I could have reiterated that enough to him, and I'm not sure if anyone else will understand. :)

Sorry for the huge post, but I wanted to share so bad! I can't share with my friends because they are somewhat anti-poly (don't believe it will work in the long run), so I figured you guys would love to hear the good news! I'm going to try to post a picture of us (with one of my very good girl friends), but I might screw it up so....here goes nothing!

Above all, I hope you all are having a fantastic day too!

(I'm the girl in the hat, my husband is the man I'm touching, and J is on my left! We were getting ready to celebrate J's new job! :D)
(Apparently, I'm retarded, but if you right click it and open the picture in a new tab it works....Sorry!)


nycindie 04-28-2012 12:01 AM

Hi! It sounds like you have a vee, not a triad, but anyway - congrats!

I don't see a picture in your post. there are a couple ways to do that, but you can always create an album in your profile and upload pictures there.

Linaeve 04-28-2012 12:31 AM

Thank you! I meant a vee; I'm not quite sure why I wrote triad... XD

I'll try putting it in the album. :)

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