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Morelove 04-14-2012 03:46 PM

Family in a threesome
We are Bartek (25 years) and Marlena (22 years). We are young people and live in Opole, in Poland. Where we live and study together. Contrary to the trends prevailing in Poland looking for the girl you will create a solid relationship based on love, respect and friendship. We would like to start a family living in a threesome. Bartek is a heterosexual, and bissexual Marlena. So we want to be fully happy and is not restricted just because it is commonly believed that this is abnormal. We are looking for a young and determined girl who will not pay attention to what people say. And how we came up with this idea? We talked about his fantasies, and so stood in the fact that Marlena wants to try with a girl, he told himself that if they want it or not it would be better to live that way than to meet people from accidentally met. So we began to think seriously and we are looking for a girl who will our plans and wanted to be a part.:o:):)

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