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Windstar 04-02-2012 06:11 PM

Our threesome story
Due to encouragement from some members, here is our story. I'll start at the beginning. Thanks for reading.

How to describe a lifetime of dreams realized suddenly. Years of study and preparation and processing that conjure thought into form slowly, at the speed of water under the earth. My whole life since sexual maturity I have loved multiple people at the same time. My whole life since sexual maturity I have longed to have multiple lovers in my life. I have dreamed of the open expansive heart space that I imagine could exist between three people who love each other and let go of our dominant cultural norms and taboos and baggage about relationships.

I discussed this all with my wife before we were first lovers. She knew of my simple belief that multiple loves and lovers are possible and that I desire them. She understood the concept because she once loved two men at the same time. So with this understanding between us we committed to each other. Over the years we discussed concepts and possibilities, but for the most part things remained theory and concept.

At one yummy sensual party she kissed a couple other girls. At one yummy sensual party we made love on the side of the room but in view of one of those women. She fell quickly in love with that woman, but the constellation of factors in each others lives did not favor us becoming lovers. That was the first time that my wife really felt that it was actually possible for us to take another lover into our lives. Before meeting and kissing that woman and falling quickly in love with her, all was ethereal theory and idea. Putting a face and a beating heart behind the concept concreted it and made it real. For a long time she longed for that woman, although she is apparently out of reach now forever.

Over the years we would comment to each other how hot this person was or how attractive this other person was. We would playfully joke with each other about inviting that cute girl or boy over there to be our little toy lover and servant. We never took action, but we allowed our selves to enjoy small simple quick fantasies.

Once she had a male dance partner comment to her that maybe they should be lovers. She took that concept to me and I met him and judged it okay. I didn't want a threesome with him, but I was conceptually fine with her being lovers with him. She hung out with him a few times, but schedules and modern life being what they are, it didn't ever blossom. At least she got to see how I handled the concept.

A couple of times I had interactions with old ex lovers with whom I still shared a spark and heat. My wife really didnt handle those moments well. Her reactions were as direct and clear as my beautiful wife is. She would fill with fear, her heart and belly would ache with the sensation of loss or betrayal or some similar gutting pain.She would lock up and stop communicating well. So my interactions with my ex lovers were never as wonderful as I hoped they could be. I simply kept them dry, although i felt a deep sadness for not being able to be lovers with them again.

that sadness has been there betraying a profound sense of putting a core and deep part of my self into a box on the upper shelf of a closet...never to see the light of day and only remembered with melancholy and longing. we are such rich and multifaceted beings, us homo sapiens sapiens. paradox is the highest truth I have found about our species. My life was profoundly rich and my relationship with my wife profoundly fulfilling and at the same time I had part of my heart shrinking in a dust cloud of slowly withering hope on that dark closet shelf.

you cant know the sweet without knowing the sour or bitter. It is simply not possible to know how bright the light is without darkness. It is in polarities that we can taste more complete understanding, and without diverse experience an understanding is ever small and lopsided.

When my heart was "broken" by an ex lover years before I met my now wife, I learned the power of pain. In that indelible slice of poison that I swallowed, I came to appreciate joy, honesty, and truth in an entirely profound new way.

With the vision of progressive open relationships supported by my resonant core embodiment of truth and honesty in relationships I entered into my relationship with my now wife. I wanted to make a firm foundation when we started. I wanted this relationship to be solid and powerful, flexible and resilient. The way I saw to build that strong foundation was with infinite trust. So I asked her to take the time to hear me out as I told her my entire sexual and relationship history to that point. It is so easy to just not bring up past lovers. But then how much can you ever know your lover? Each past lover has carved lines into the bedrock of their heart, contours upon their sensitivities and consciousness, wounds and flowers cave paintings of pain and pleasure that make them who they are today.

It took a long time. It took months. She was very afraid of me and un trusting for a while. She didn't like hearing about every one of my relationships. There was just no way that I could see us building an inspiring relationship without her knowing who I really am by knowing who I have been. Eventually with the patience that mountains and trees know, we came to a deep an profound level of trust between us. Now it is unshakable. There is nothing that can break that core trust.

Next: the man that comes into our lives and our bed.

Windstar 04-04-2012 05:50 PM

The Man Enters...
A few weeks ago we both realized that a man that we know had such a nice energy about him and that we felt so comfortable with that my wife commented that “maybe he could be our little boy toy.” I admit that I think he is cute, and while i didn’t want to kiss him, I enjoyed the thought of playing with both of them. I’m not gay, but I’m not homophobic. I have plenty of gay friends and I’ve found a few guys cute, but I’m just really into women. I’d love to have a threesome with my wife. I’ve always fantasized and longed for a threesome, an open relationship, multiple partners, etc. Of course, as a very heterosexual man, I would love to have a threesome with my wife and another woman, but this man who showed up in our lives simply doesn’t have that genitalia.

So one day after much procrastination i told him that we have an open relationship, that we can “date other people” and that my wife “has a crush” on him. I chose words and phrases intentionally to be subtle and non threatening. we both really liked him as a friend, and I didn’t want to risk losing that by offending or scaring him away. Still, you have to take a shot or you’ll never score a goal, right? I mean how many fish can you catch if you dont put your hook in the water? You have to try or else shut up with all your damn fantasies.

He was shocked but received the new possibility with grace and charm. We discussed how important it was that this newly opened door not poison our core primary friendship. rather we clarified that our friendship was the very reason that the door could even possibly be opened.

There was no way my wife would have worked up the courage to tell him herself, and i am good with words and concepts. It felt like it was my place to open that door a crack. checking in with him a few days later, he indicated that he is open to the idea and does not want to mess up our friendship or my wife and my marriage. that’s the perfect thing for him to have said, as far as I’m concerned! He was respectful and concerned right from the start. that reinforced our trust.

We all went out together to dinner, shopping, night on the town, etc. we actually even met each others parents, although it was not under the auspice of “meeting the parents.” It just happened that way. They don’t know we are lovers now. It’s our little triad secret.

we’d have the best conversations. We really just plain enjoy each others company! We just focused on our friend ship, but with this open door in all of our consciousnesses. No pressure. No rush. No need. We just opened the door and left it open, and if we ever went through it, great. If not, no problem! It felt healthy and hearty.

CherryBlossomGirl 04-05-2012 08:19 PM

More, more more!
Gorgeous vocabulary and writing style over there - can't wait to read more!

Windstar 04-07-2012 02:01 PM

The Nutella Proposal
This sweet man is just so nice and respectful that he’d never make the first move. My wife can joke with me because of our level of intimacy and trust, but she’s shy when it comes down to it. I suppose it’s a first time for all of us actually.

One night I came home to find my wife tired and slow. She had a spaciousness in her eyes and heart and a simple peacefulness about her. She was done after a long day. Offhandedly she quipped that she would love it if our friend and I would both massage her at the same time. She was exhausted and joking and serious. I thought hard about it and remarked that I thought that maybe massage was a good touch ice-breaker for us all. I trained as a massage therapist years ago. I’m comfortable with touch, and I can give reassuring and clearly non-sexual touch without a problem.

still we thought that just inviting him over to join me in massaging my wife’s feet and shoulders was a little weird. So I said that we either need to package the idea better or maybe sweeten the deal. She joked that if he came over she’d let him lick Nutella off her nipples as a reward. He and my wife both just love Nutella. That sure didn’t package the idea better, but it sure did sweeten the deal. so I took another chance. I texted him the proposal. while my wife squealed in disbelief!

“Hi, I’m really tired and totally want u & him to both massage me. Any chance u would come over? If that’s not interesting enough you can lick Nutella off my nipples afterwards ;) ”

To which he replied, “Oh, is that all?”

My wife joked aloud, “Oh well…that depends how good the massage is!” So I texted her words verbatim.

The reply came, “Umm…okay?”

Then my wife kind of freaked out and I texted him a summary of what she said to me, “Well..i feel shy now…i get all excited and then i get paralyzed. Massage would be nice though, so why don’t you come over?”

The final reply came, “Be over soon.”


Wow! What had we gotten our selves into? He took the bait, so to say. My wife was wearing a costume for her job as a performer, and she still had it on. After pleasantries and the usual good conversation, we got her into just the long dress like undershirt that she was wearing. The neck line was loosened by untying the string, and he started massaging her shoulders as i worked on her tired feet and calves. It was nice. It was a beautiful way to break the ice. When we finished a while later, she had him lay down and we massaged him a bit. I didn’t do much, but I did plenty of two-therapist massages in massage school so it seemed normal enough to me. I bet his experience was a bit crazy for him though. She got his shirt off and massaged his back, touching his skin for the first time. I didn’t touch him much because this is all more about her and him than it is about me and him. I thought it might have been too much if I massaged him a lot that night. While she was massaging his back and leaning over him, I observed her beautiful breast through her loosely dangling shirt neckline. It was stunningly beautiful to catch that glimpse of her juicy juicy mangoes as she ran her hands over his back. It was just a microscopic glimpse of what was yet to come, though.

AnnabelMore 04-07-2012 05:36 PM

What an adorable approach!! I am such a fan of the straightforward approach. So many people seem to falter at the line between awkwardly uptight (trying to schedule a first encounter and plan out exactly what will happen and how) and sleazy (trying to booze someone up and sort of "ease" them into an encounter without coming out and being clear about their intentions). I love the honesty, bravery and playfulness that you guys brought to this beginning. :)

Windstar 04-08-2012 07:02 PM

Our first threesome
After that massage concluded, we hung out on the couch talking, full of nervous jitters and apprehension about the next part: licking Nutella off her nipples! Was it going to happen or not?! We didn't know. No one knew what anyone was going to think or feel or say or do! It was wide open uncharted territory for us all. We got the Nutella out. First She put a bit on her left nipple (the side of her on which I sat) for me to lick off. I dutifully and joyfully and nervously lowered my mouth to her beautiful breast and sampled the delicacy. How delicious! I mean why don't we do this by ourselves like ALL THE TIME?!! I licked her nipple long after it was all clean, and we both were thoroughly aroused. I may never know what our friend was thinking or feeling while he sat to her right waiting and watching. We still can't read him very well yet. Is he comfortable or uncomfortable? We have to ask to find out.

Well that was it. Time to leap. Jump or shut up! She put a fingertip into the Nutella and rolled it around her right nipple and then offered it to him. I haven't checked the newspapers, but I am pretty sure that time stopped right then. Would he freak out? Would he play?

He played! The deliciousness that ensued has expanded our concept of our capacity for pleasure. but wait, that was just the beginning. Imagine your world being rocked in the best most delicious way possible, and then imagine it just getting better and better and better. Many time we've had to catch our breath in almost disbelief of the blessing and ecstasy that we were experiencing.

He was sucking and licking and relishing her right nipple, and I descended again to her left nipple as she reclined between us in exquisite amazement and rippling pleasure. My cock was hard and hot and my heart rate was racing. The kissing of nipples led to kissing of lips, or maybe it was the other way around. I honestly cant remember. It's all one delicious Nutella blur now. Gotta write these things down the day that they happen!

Kissing lips and licking flicking tongues on mouths and breasts and nipples was beyond hot. It was like first time having great sex as a young adult hot. It was "I feel like i'm going to explode" hot. At one point while they were kissing and touching, he reached down and started caressing below the breasts, and she reached down and started touching below the belt. I lifted the bottom of her long shirt to find her not wearing panties, and I about had an orgasm on the spot! I kissed and loved her belly and legs and melted my mouth into the tender softness of her pussy. It was full and engorged and completely yummy. She smelled and tasted heavenly, and I slowly softly tenderly drank at her well. He started touching her pussy and she got into his pants and things got hot and heavy real quick.

Some time not so much later his pants were on the floor and so were mine. He made her come with his hand multiple times. At some point she erupted with a rising feeling of utter saturation, and we decided to stop. We had gone further than we had anticipated, and we were all , I think, happy to stop and not have things go too far. Once he left, my wife was still so thoroughly turned on. sleepy and exhausted, we were both so charged that we made love before we went to sleep.

The next morning we stopped by his place and said hello and brought up the previous night's romp. We wanted to make sure that we recognized what happened and didn't ignore or live in denial. Everything was good, thankfully. We had rocked his world, and it the honesty and openness had paid off. He didn't shy away.

That night he and i went to a happy hour with a bunch of friends. We can totally hang out and enjoy each others company and be friends without things being weird. Thank goodness we didn't do this with someone that we didn't both totally feel comfortable with. He's easy-going, he's genuine, and he' honest.

Windstar 04-09-2012 05:49 PM

the first check in
The next day I checked in with him about our first sexperience together. We cleared the air and talked about anything and everything. My wife and I had already gotten to check in together about it all, but he just has his cat to talk to, and besides I needed to talk with him about it. I told him that we want it to happen again, we liked it, it was sweet. I told him that for now my wife and I decided that we are a package deal, and if anything happens below the belt, I have to be there with both of them. It’s okay if you two are kissy and affectionate and hot without me, but the pants stay on. I asked him if he was okay with me being there or not. Did he like me being there? Is he interested in anything more in the future? Did he feel comfortable with us and how it all went. Any concerns? crossed boundaries? favorite moments?

My wife and I both really liked it when I was going down on her while she was kissing him and rubbing his cock with her hands. We also really liked it when she had his cock in one hand and mine in the other while she was kissing him or me and the other was sucking her nipple and rubbing her pussy. HOT HOT HOT!!!

Everything was clear and understood, and we were on the same page with the same basic sense of openness and amazement.

trescool 04-10-2012 01:19 AM

You express the awkwardness and the sincerity and beauty of a first foray into poly so very well. Best wishes as you continue to explore your relationship with this guy!

Windstar 04-10-2012 07:35 PM

The Second Threesome
Last night we all got to hang out together with a couple new friends and a bunch of performers from the show. We all had a few drinks and had a great time talking about life and our experiences. There's nothing like good friends, drink, and laughter to make a person feel relaxed and good inside and out.

Now, we live on a yacht. Everywhere we go we have waterfront property. Riding back to our boat, we didn't know whether to drop our new playmate off at his place or take him home with us, so we just turned the motor off and drifted. Then it just seemed to drift us kind of towards our boat, so we paddled over and climbed aboard amidst ripples of laughter and joy.

We chatted like birds on a wire. She cuddled up next to him in the cockpit, happy to be home and to able to touch him. I brought out pictures on the iPad to show him of our old house and performances that my wife has done. I made up the big bed and guided us all below when it felt right.

Kissing led to a clothes explosion, and we covered every inch of that huge bed. They started touching each others special places. I would reach over and put my hand on his shoulder or neck or arm or back of the head to connect with him, but he never touched me. That was okay. I just wanted to include him in my experience and not have it just be both of us having her and neither of us ever touching each other directly.

She kissed his mouth and his chest and went down to his cock, kissing it lightly and all over. Started to lick and taste and explore with her tongue. It was so hot. I stroked myself behind her and slid into her doggy style. She just about exploded with pleasure at having his cock in her mouth and mine in her pussy, me fucking her lovingly from behind while she showered love on his cock with her mouth. He lay back and silently took it all in while I groaned away and she moaned in delight and pleasure. I wouldn't let myself come though. I wanted to hold off and last long.

so I laid down next to him and watched her enjoy his cock, smiling at her and loving it. I stroked his balls and grabbed his cock with my hand while she was going down on him. I pulled it out of her mouth and dove on it with my own. It was so smooth and hard and soft and wet all at the same time. I've had a dildo in my mouth just for fun, but this was so much more real and alive, and it pulsated with energy. I gave it back to her to suck on, knowing that maybe I shouldn't have done that, but what the heck. we are all in this together, and why the hell NOT?! I mean she was getting so much pleasure out of it that it made me want to try it, even if just for a moment.

She went up to kiss him while on all fours half over him, and I urged her leg up and over so that she would straddle him and could touch her pussy to his cock. She followed my guidance and rubbed him and then put him inside of her and danced her beautiful dance for a little while, giving him full view of her breasts and belly. A little later she was leaning down kissing him. I was masturbating on the sidelines as usual and I was behind her. I grabbed her ass and pulled her back wanting to fuck her myself for a little while. I was feeling outside looking in and I wanted to participate. I wanted her to ride him for a minute and then ride me for a minute, but I didn't say it with words. When I pulled her back and tried to put myself into her, she couldn't take it and overloaded and had to stop the whole thing. That was fine, because I honor her experience. We ALL have to be ACTIVELY interested every moment, or else it's not going to work right. I told them both while we were laying there before going to sleep just shortly afterwards so it was no big deal and wouldn't bother me all night.

But I still wanted to have an orgasm, and I thought for sure that he wanted the same too. How could he not? blue balls, hello?!... After she said to us sexily, "if there is anything else you would like me to do for you or to you tonight, just let me know" I later said that I wanted us all to masturbate together to climax. To that she replied that "it's 4:00 in the morning" and she didn't want to. I felt a bit of resentment really wanting to come and she had just offered to do anything that we wanted still, but I knew that she was tired, and honestly it's just the 2nd time we've done this all. I could bring it up tomorrow, and I was so tired and couldn't keep an erection anyway.

Windstar 04-11-2012 02:39 PM

The second check in
This morning I awoke to hear him rolling in bed, awake. I worried that he was uncomfortable being here, so I got up and made him a cup of hot black coffee. We were all still naked. She was passed out hard for a while and then slowly her consciousness came back. I told them both that I wanted to stay in this morning and be together without alcohol being the catalyst. i wanted to check in with each other about the previous night. there were a couple of things I needed to say, and I wanted to hear their thoughts and such. I expressed how I felt like I was on the sidelines last night while they were directing energy at eachother 95% of the time. I want to be included. She said she doesn't even know how to do a threesome, which is a very good point! It's new for all of us!

I talked about how if 2 of the 3 are focusing on each other the 3rd can either leave, support & stay close & participate on the sidelines, or feel neglected or some other hard feelings. A good 3some involves cycling energy and brings everyone into the energy flow reguularly. You kiss him and then kiss me after a while. While you suck on his cock, I fuck you from behind, while you make love to him, you look at me and tell me you love me and hold my hand, etc.

She and I both wanted to know if he wanted to leave or was okay with being here or even better wanted more! We just cant read him that well yet, and we have to ask how he is doing. I brought up sucking his cock, and he was okay with it although shocked by it.

We told him that we both really want hiim to come, and she shared that its one of her favorite things and she loves cum showering her and erupting into the air. We wanted him to be comfortable coming all over the place and not hold back.

We talked about boundaries and asked if each other had any boundaries rear their head.

It came up that my lovely wife was freaked out by me sucking his cock. Funny that! She and I had often spoken about threesomes with another man and she'd always said it would be hot for me to suck his cock, but when I grabbed it from her hand and mouth last night, it freaked her out! she said it wasn't that bad, but she was shocked and unprepared and hadnt expected it. Well, that was my experience too! I hadn't expected being so turned on that I wanted to suck on his cock either! She laughed and said how she just really didn't want to stop sucking it and give it up to me either. Ideally in cycling energy we would have a shared experience between her and me of sharing his cock together. then everyone is fed. If i suck his cock again, that's how it will be I think.

I also brought up them having sexual intercourse. Told them I was glad it stopped quick and didn't go far, but that I was glad it happened. I want them to do that, but for me I want him to wear a condom if their genitals are touching. I said again that I wanted to share her and have her fuck him and then me and then him and then me, back and forth, so as to all be included.

We all cuddled. I told them that there was no where else that I wanted to be. I wanted to be right there and spend all day loving in this yummy honey pot with them both.

We talked about our favorite moments too. She shared that she REALLY enjoyed sucking on him while I was inside her, and she said that she REALLY wanted to do that again. A few minutes later she climbed on top of me and leaned over and kissed him. I love that she felt so comfortable as to take the initiative! I put my head on his chest while she blessed his cock with her loving mouth and tongue and lips while she thrust her hips down on mine. I was a bit soft, and it seemed better to take her from behind, so I did.

Next: The third threesome... ;)

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