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CielDuMatin 04-02-2012 01:32 PM

A Call to New Yorkers (State, that is)
So this is a call out to poly folks living within the state of New York.

For the past few years we have been running a forum to try to coordinate meetups in the state, and provide a discussion forum so that folks can get to know the members before the meet-ups. We have been quite successful in maintaining monthly get-togethers in Rochester and Syracuse, but have struggled to get and keep anything going elsewhere.

So if you have interest in meeting other local poly folk, may I suggest that you sign up the http://www.thebirdcage.org/ so that we can find out who is interested and in what areas, and see if we can get some momentum going in other areas.

Also, if you are running a regular get-together in the state, we invite you to use the Birdcage as a way to make others aware of what is going on.

Membership requirements are just that you live in, or have some connection to the state and have an interest in poly.

Hopefully we can increase the geographical scope of face-to-face meetups for other areas of the state.

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